About Shinyoung

SHIN YOUNG means “Through investors’ faith, we grow”. It is in our DNA to put investors’ interest foremost.
Established in 1996 with seed capital of USD30mn, Shinyoung has posted 21 consecutive years of profits, and in the process,
has become the most seasoned asset manager for value investments in Korea.
Shinyoung has 28 investment professionals and over USD13.7bn in assets under management.
Shinyoung’s key investment professionals averages tenures of 15 years, testifying to the firm’s tried and true management beliefs and philosophies.

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Key Investment Professionals

Shinyoung boasts the industry’s longest management tenure, with senior managers having worked together for over 10 years.

  • Namkwon Huh - Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

    Mr. Huh holds both CEO and CIO roles, and has 25 years of experience in the asset management industry.
    Mr. Huh’s investment career began at Shinyoung Securities’ wealth management and sales divisions where he
    discovered the potential of value stocks in Korea market, and later joined Shinyoung Asset Management in 1996.
    He has been a value investor ever since and has been a visionary leader of Shinyoung Asset Management.
    Mr. Huh has been nominated as Korea’s best fund manager numerous times during his tenure at the firm.
    Mr. Huh holds a B.A. in Public Administration from Korea University.
  • Daehwan Kim - Equity Department

    Mr. Kim has started his investment career and stayed with Shinyoung Asset Management from 1999.
    Daehwan, coupled with Mr. Huh and the senior managers below,
    built a cornerstone together to settle long term value investing in Korea.
    He is now directing the equity department in which he oversees value and dividend stock portfolios.
    Mr. Kim holds B.A. in Economics from Seoul National University.
  • Jooyoung Won - Marathon Value Division

    After 17 years of of value investing at Shinyoung, Ms Won is still wholeheartedly positive about value stocks
    in Korea and their future role in asset allocation. She now manages the flagship value funds; Marathon and
    Marathon Mid Small cap. Her Mid Small cap portfolio started from 2001 when she began to manage
    a discretionary account. Her approach is truly bottom-up, resulting in more balanced view of Korean equity market.
    Thanks to her contribution, Shinyoung has gained expertise in value stocks with wider scope irrespective
    of market size. Jooyoung graduated from Ewha Womens University and Ewha Law School.
  • Inhee Park - Dividend Value Division

    Ms. Park is one of the few portfolio managers who manages an open ended fund which is larger than 2 billion
    USD in size in Korea. She has strong conviction in value and dividend stocks. When she first took charge of
    the Shinyoung’s flagship fund; Shinyoung Value High Dividend, AUM was only 0.3 billion USD.
    Her contribution to dividend investing funds has been immense not only for Shinyoung but also in Korea market.
    Ms. Park started equity investment with KB Asset Management in 2000 and joined us in 2006.
    She holds B.A. in English Language and Literature from Chung-Ang University.
Assets Under Management
Corporate Information

> Shareholders

Name of Company Holdings
Shinyoung Securities 85.9%
KoreanRe Reinsurance 9.4%
Seoul Guarantee Insurance 4.7%

> Balance sheet

Balance sheet
FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016
Total Assets 81.8 94.3 100.1 107.5 114.6
Total Liabilities 2 4.4 6.2 5.3 5.3
Capital 28.8 30.1 26.9 28.1 28.6
Total Capital 79.8 89.9 93.9 102.2 109.3

(Units: USDmn)

> Income Statement

Balance sheet
FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016
Operating Income 17.4 27 37.5 50 41.3
Operating Expenses 5.8 8.2 9.8 11 11.2
Operating Profit 11.5 18.9 27.7 30 30.1
Net Profit 9.5 15.2 21.7 23.5 23.5

(Units: USDmn)

> Key Financial Ratios

Key Financial Ratios
FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016
ROE 12.2 17.6 25 23.5 22.0
Net Capital Ratio 980 773 607 510 498
Shareholder Equity Ratio 97.5 95.4 93.8 94.9 95.4
Debt Ratio 2.5 4.8 6.6 5.2 4.8

(Units: %)

*Source : Korea Financial Investment Association
*Currency rate : Mar 29, 2013 (KRW1,111.0 = USD1.00) / Mar 31, 2014 (KRW1,062.5 = USD1.00) / Mar 31, 2015 (KRW1,110.5 = USD1.00)
                             / Mar 31, 2016 (KRW1,140.5 = USD1.00) / Mar 31, 2017 (KRW1,118.5 = USD1.00)